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Fifth Sunday after Pentecost: Proper 10

July 14, 2019

Prayer List:
We pray for all those who are in the hospital or home recuperating, especially: Barbara, Joanne Ruvo and newborn daughter Ellie, Steven Schubert, and Shlomo Teladano. We pray for those who are homebound: Margaret Vaccaro, Bruce Acheson, John & Lee Williams, Dorothy Dushin, Mildred Canniff, Ronald Acheson, and Rose Ruvo. We pray for those struggling with chronic illness, especially: Annaliese Haag, Keith, Martha, Gerald, Marilyn Griffin, Keith Russo, Joyce, Liz & Jeff Danielle, Paul Ruvo, Helene, Jason, and Jeff. We pray for Edwin Sanchez and the students at El Hogar School, and the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. We pray for those inurned in our Columbarium, especially Clarke DeWaters.
Lectionary Readings