Mission Statement:

To provide fresh, nutritious food to the hungry in Westchester County, by growing and gathering healthy vegetables for local food pantries. The garden is maintained and operated by multi-generational local volunteer groups and individuals working together to aid people in need. The garden is organic and adheres to reduce/reuse/recycle principles.


The idea of the Pleasantville Community Garden was developed by Devin Juros, a 7th grader at the time, who wanted to help his community and the hungry in Westchester. During the winter of 2013, Devin worked on the concept of a community garden and later he presented the idea to his family who accepted the idea and agreed to help him in his quest. After that, the process of creating the garden gained traction as contacts were made and relationships formed in the community. The list of supporters slowly grew as he presented to more community members and community groups and met more people. As the idea started to become reality more fundraising was implemented and the preparations for the construction of the garden took shape. During two weekends in May and June of 2014 the garden was built with the support of over 100 local volunteers. In the first calendar year, over 1,500 pounds of fresh vegetables were grown and gathered and donated to local food pantries.  We graciously thank the town of Pleasantville, the people of Pleasantville, St. John's Church and everyone else who has supported our cause - we could not have done it without you.